Mississippi Student Earns $1.5 Million In Scholarships, Gets Accepted To 20 Colleges

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A Mississippi student recently got accepted to 20 different colleges and earned $1.5 million in scholarship offers, Blavity reports.

Xavian Branch is a senior at The Jim Hill High School in Jackson, Mississippi. An International Baccalaureate Diploma program participant, Branch is graduating with a 4.8 GPA and has received the title of class valedictorian. After applying for colleges with the help of academic adviser Frank J. Branch, he was accepted into 20 different colleges and received $1.5 million in scholarship offers. 

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“When I look back at all the work that I did, I wouldn’t regret anything,” Branch told reporters.

His mother, Zandra Branch, said she is so proud of her son and can’t wait to see what else he accomplishes in the world. 

“I just can’t say enough about my baby. I want him to make all the contributions in the world. Keep God first in his life and foremost, and whatever he decided to do will prevail for him,” she said. 

Branch’s adviser has been leading the charge in scholarships for students at Jim Hill, raking in $13 million in offers this year alone with a total of $70 million in earned scholarship offers over the past five years. 

“I saw that we were not getting any money for the colleges, and I knew the money was out there. I made it my goal to help them get into college,” Frank said. 

The 18-year-old was accepted into several universities, including Ole Miss, West Point, Vanderbilt, and Carnegie Mellon University. After delivering his school valedictorian speech, he will begin preparing to attend Mississippi College in the fall. Branch says that without the support of his school, none of this would’ve been possible. 

“Jim Hill prepared me not only for college but for life,” said Branch.

Congratulations, Xavian!

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