As I write this piece today
As I remember you in this hour
I remember how your eyes shine with stars
Your teeth as beautiful as precious stones
Your skin, beautiful and glowing
Slender like the iroko
Your smile
You have captivated my poor heart

Your smile brings joy to my tired soul
Your words sound like music to my ears
You mend my heart with your words
The stars in your eyes cause my eyes to shine

My heart has known sadness
It has known darkness
It understands loneliness
It knows pain
But then you came
And filled my life with light
Yes you came
And took my pain away


You have added meaning to my life
You have added joy to my song
Added spice to my life
Added you to me

I do not promise you a stress free friendship
Becauses we will fight
We will argue
We will get angry
I will be stupid sometimes
Might hurt you at times
Get you angry sometimes
But I hope you'll still forgive me
And still remain my Morenikeji

Morenikeji mi
Asake mi
Ayo mi
Ore mi
These words I use to describe only you
Your smiles capture the beauty of the sun
I speak to you as I'll speak to a lover
A sister
A friend
You are always in my heart
I pray we remain friends forever
Till we are old and weary
My best friend

Olufunmilayo Matilda

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