MSME Survival Fund Scheme to commence another disbursement to beneficiaries of the Payroll Supports Scheme

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The Project Delivery Office of the N75 Billion MSME Survival Fund Scheme is set to commence another disbursement to eligible beneficiaries of the Payroll Supports Scheme.

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Recall that the Payroll Supports is a component of the MSME Survival Fund Scheme targeted at 500,000 MSME employees who would be granted a sum of N30,000 – N50,000 salary Supports for 3 months under the Payroll Supports Scheme, as part of the COVID-19 National Economic Sustainability Plan.

The Payroll Supports Track of the N75Billion MSME Survival Funds was flagged off on 21st September 2020 and has witnessed two reopening of the application portal; one for applicants who were unable to complete their registration before the initial closing date in some States, and two for States that did not exhaust their quotas of about 13,000 Beneficiaries per State (except for few States which would have more than 13,000 beneficiaries).

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Some States have however exhausted their quotas and applicants in such States are ineligible to further participate in the Programme.

In the MSME Survival Fund Payroll Supports Update on January 25th 2022, the Project Delivery Office of the Scheme has requested selected MSMEs to fill out a form through this link.

According to the messages sent by the PDO, selected applicants whose applications were approved have been requested to confirm if any registered employees under the MSME would need to be removed, which can be indicated by filling out the Form.

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“Your application for the Payroll Support Scheme has been approved! Payments to your employees are about to commence.

“However, we need you to inform us ASAP if any employee you applied for no longer works for your organisation.

“Please let us know on or before the close of business on Friday, January 29, 2022.”

“If any of your submitted employees no longer work for your organisation, fill the quick form below to indicate which employee(s). Fill out a new form for each employee you want to remove.

“if you are okay with all the employees you submitted originally, please ignore this message. just close this form and do not take any action.

“Note that there is no opportunity at the moment to add new or employees”, the PDO stated.

As indicated above, if an applicant is ok with all the employees he/she originally submitted, the applicant is advised to ignore the message when received.

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