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Phunso oris


Group A

  • Ogedengbe Tolu Impact39 votes (Winner)

Let me play for you a song
With the trembling strings of love
A song that will echo for long
The sweet melodies of my love.

Let me play for you a son
On the playlist of a nightingale
And let your voice be the gong
That draws its sweetest gale.
Let me play for you a song

From the lap of a living hearth
That its melodies may flow along
The creamy creek of your heart.

  • Onatola Abiodun – 10votes


Broadly like lone unlovely unproductive mind back up
by unlawful law
Banished! For no reason from this round ball that
housed being of
different nature
We strut from heaven to earth, earth to heaven we
became the accident
that bruised our burdened body.
To sing you oh! Songs of life.
We are the cathedral choir of indistinct and unfixed
pitehes we sings
life to exalt the spirit of death….
Off sound and on silence varying; variety form of life


Rest, rectifying noises.
Here, we sign the bill of secession in recession, of
nature classless
“I am for Paul of Sau Paulo, you are apollo’s of the
Dear songs of life; your melodies buy our memories
As though. Life is best live in deprivation
You are best sings in joy, but we sings “ours” when
sorrow hosted our
future in banquet of merry.
Let this land cantata come to an abrupt end,
continuing for eternity
of no entity.

  • Wellborn Ayofe – 5votes

The Song of Life
Let’s chorus the song of hope
Let’s echo it sonorously with peace robe
Let’s chant its lyrics
Let’s have its juicy carps licked
It’s an epoch of jubilee
It’s an era of stupendous glee
It’s a season to merry
Let’s sing on the bosom of unity
Let’s sing a song orchestrated by a sage;
An ancient orchestra who’s of age
He scores songs, he knows the notes of life
He (Oris) loves the song of life..

  • Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher – 3votes

This poem is a song,
It’s not an ordinary poem.
But a poem with a big gong,
To bless you with resounding puns.
To felicitate with you,
Pushing out worries from you.
And giving you full of hopes,
By setting you free from your enemies’ ropes.
A trumpet in beat of crotchet,
Punching clouds for your sake.
To rain down rain of everlasting blessings,
And fill your physiognomy with stunning smile.


Group B

  • Usman Kamsi Ojo – 21 votes (Winner)


Sing me a song to stir up my rotting bones
A song to dance to the drums of my heartbeat
A song that resonates in soft blaring tones
Sing me a song to unchain my fettered feet
A song to answer to my spirit’s call
A song that lulls the voice of the flaring heat
Sing me a song to rebuild the fallen walls
Of my fractured nerves; of my tortured palms
A song of onward steps, and of fading footfalls
Sing me a song to keep the furious gods calm
A song of vast conquest, and of defeat
The blot of a poet’s ink is soothing as balm

  • Isreal JNR II – 19 votes

The songs of life is like a file
That flips the pivot of life
Life which syndicates all-in-one
Without queering none in line’
But it adjures death to kiss the scene.
It searches my insides’
To coax its signs’
It makes me believe that the ‘thing’ is in me
And in me is the ‘thing’
The ‘thing’ which is unseen
But ‘to-see’ is the ‘thing’
The songs of life; lies the prism of my reason.

  • Ben Wilfred – 4 votes

Melodies Of Eulogy

If I could show the world one thing
I’d make them sit before the largest orchestra
With hearts connected in sonorous harmony
Then I’d play, from my spirited soul,
A symphony only one big heart can nod to
A big heart from a collection of seven billion hearts!
If I could write you a eulogy
I’d need melodies composed by the finest seraph
For no human can be any lyrical

So I’ll break space and bring down the heavens
Tip angels to write me songs about a demigod
Whose life song blares eulogized melodies…

  • Akinbode Isreal – 3 votes

Songs of life. .
Down the hall of fame,
Where little
lights scares darkness,
Chilled yrics in bottles,

through speakers,
We sipped in track after
track, Humming the sweetness down our soul, His

liquor like solid minerals, We became rich and

reached, Buying every solo with many chorus. Down
this hall of fame, We blessed the gods that gave us this
bar man;The Disc jockey! – Phunso Oris.


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  • Nsikak Jack 14 votes (Winner)

I bargained with life for a crusty bread
But I must first to the land to be heard
My breath grew shallow and my field fallow
Not my path yet I opt to follow
Through peaks and lowlands I ran out of breath
Weak limbs and aches my face to the earth
And lo I heard it so shrill but calm
The piccolo and drums with expert arms
Some ears would prick and eyes shall peep
The vigil I keep as others sleep
To listen at life’s song as it closes
Measures of cares and pleasures in doses.

  • Oluwatoyosi Jeremiah  – 11 votes
poetry is a fine wine
brewing in us eternal highness
these songs hide in echo and lurk in shadow.
because they are never born
these words do not die.
erect tongues ejaculate these syllables
but they do not sink into the soil
or vanish into space like mirage,
yes, they break the prison of silence
but when they sink, they die
and grow into flowers, some thistles
obeying DNA instructions of their father




  • Mahmud Sufiyan – 5 votes


“Songs of life”
Beats,happy stars
Lets all be well,let us be.
Songs of life!
Beats of the drum
Every day is the last
Live your life to the height
And also do it right
Live life as it lay
Smile as you can,good or bittersweet it say
So says my songs of life
As it sings with it’s soul of hopes
Gladly sing the songs of life

  • Philibus Elisha Nill


Free like the eagle flies
With shrewed eyes
To oscillate
And soar beyond an azimuth;
Traited with wisdom
For an unassuming grace
And gait
And higher yet you aspire
To a horizon
There;you peg your tent
To reap your plough…


  • Otareri Enoh Samuel- 9 votes (Winner)

songs of life.
Sing a song for memories
Wrap its melodies in a blue blue sky
Blow petals of love in its breeze
Sing songs for earth, for this side of life
To kiss time and hug seasons
Wake the trees, lets breath a song of life
Sing this love and tune chords of eden
Dance my love, to the verses of my eyes
Let this songs of life split this heart in two
Waltzing in the city, dance to life’s own tune

  • Justice Gift Ogochukwu- 8 votes

life is an album
full of songs of different genres
we must travel through every song
through countries – slums and ghettos
where we inhale marijuana,
so our heartbeats become reggae
through rocks, hipping and hopping,
falling, rising. . .
our skins gathering experiences
through blues – skies and seas
where songs are solos
till we find the soul we fade with. . .


  • Jumoke Adesewa Olah- 3 votes

I know of an unknown man
His world sets words ablaze
And,hearts singing aloud
Embracing the distance and his closure.

I heard of an unknown man
Flourishing minds
Painting faces
With red laughter .

I heard of him,and still yet unknown.
He is Phunsho Oris,
Happy birthday sir….

  • Obina Omotayo Jones- 3votes

Song Of Lost Love.

In the darkness of midday,
Where the sun is only an illusion,
That shine in memories of children,
I hear the tunes of past songs.

Played on the strings in my heart,
By arthritic fingers of my wife,
And accompanying these notes,
Are songs of life.

Sang with tears and sorrow,
Dug by years of companionships,
Now I can go to the land beyond,
Carried by waves of lovely voices.

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Compiled by Micheal Ace



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