News Update: Yusuf Balogun Gemini Set To Release Lagidigba, A Yoruba Spoken Word Piece

A dance of the forest continues. A long way to the beginning, a long haul to the end.
– Wole Soyinka.

Sometimes, we sit by the pathway to the jungle, watching how ants gropes off in love, leaves eloping with each other in twilight, thunder uniting with storm to birth a thunderstorm. We are the pieces of everything that exists on the physical and astral lane… and all that exists might just be love.

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But what gives love its beauty? The cognitive content held as being of undiluted truth, the compass to their day to day activities – the culture. Agbe (the woodcock)  never sleeps on the road, for he’s comfortable with his environment. It’s culture… It’s beauty..  It’s love.
Get ready for LAGIDIGBA, a Yoruba Spoken word piece set to drop on February 14. Get thy fingers crossed!

But before then, let the dance continue…

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By Yusuf Balogun Gemini.
IG : @balogunyusufgemini