Nexit News: Second Batch Nexit Training Date And Shortlist

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In today’s latest Npower news, we will be talking about Second Batch Npower Nexit Training News since that is what has become the most asked question by the Nexit programme applicants.


For Nexit Scheme applicants who have been asking for the Nexit CBN entrepreneurship training second batch list and training commencement date, we will like to advise you to stay tuned as no new update has been given regarding that.

Some of the First batch of 75500 Nexit application just concluded their CBN entrepreneurship AGSMEIS loan orientation training and you all know that according to management, the Nexit training is in batches.

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So applicants who are asking for information regarding the second batch Nexit training and list, we advise you to remain calm while you wait patiently for updates from Nexit management regarding the new training date and list for the second batch.

You can also call the Nexit EDI training agency for your state to make further Enquiries regarding the second batch training.

The CBN Nexit entrepreneurship loan might not be the only package for exited beneficiaries. There are other options like the GEEP loan and Sanef agent which the management talked about earlier. So let’s us hope for the best.

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