NJFP Applicants Are To Restart Soft Skill Training – MGT Instructed

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In today’s latest NJFP assessment News, NJFP Applicants Are To Restart Soft Skill Training – MGT Instructed by Extending the Soft Skills Training Link Expiring Time From 48hrs to 1 Week to enable applicants to do the assessment exercise because of the issues they are having.


In a new update given by the NJFP management, they apologize for the technical challenges applicants have been facing regarding completing the Soft Skills training.

According to them, applicants should rest assured that NJFP technical team is working hard to fix the bug, and you will receive another link to start the training on or before July 9.

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In line with this, applicants will have one week (from the day they receive the new link) to complete their training.

Hence, the deadline will no longer be 48 hours but 7 days. This is to ensure you have ample time to complete the assessment successfully.

We understand that some of you have completed this training before the #NJFP. You are still required to take the training again as a refresher. Please keep your inbox refreshed and be on standby for the new link.

We thank you for your continued support! From NJFP management.

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