NPC Director Announced New Training Date for Enumerators and Supervisors

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Mrs. Evelyn Arinola Olanipekun, the Director of Census at the National Population Commission, recently announced that the training of Enumerators and Supervisors, which was initially scheduled to commence on 6th February 2023, has been postponed.

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This news has led to a surge in inquiries from NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerator and Supervisor Applicants, who are eager to know the new date for the NPC Enumerator and Supervisor LGA Level Training.

The National Population Commission (NPC) has stated that the new date for the training will be communicated after the 2023 Presidential Election. The commission, however, urged the approved NPC Enumerators and Supervisors to keep checking their emails and text messages for self-learning and virtual training classroom invitations.

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Furthermore, the commission encouraged NPC Enumerators and Supervisors to check their application status via the NPC Adhoc Application Status Checker. The commission emphasized that the screened applicants’ data are currently being uploaded, and the approval of Enumerators and Supervisors is ongoing. It is possible for an applicant to have a “PENDING” application status now, but in the next few minutes, they could be “APPROVED.”

NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants who are having difficulty accessing the NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Website for checking their application status should read up on the new method of checking NPC Adhoc Staff Application Status, which is available through the link provided;

Once an Enumerator or Supervisor has been approved, the next step is to update their bank account details and wait for the LGA Level National Training.

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  1. Your caption always reads “NPC Director Announced New Training Date for Enumerators and Supervisors”

    But after reading the article i keep seeing nothing like new date. I don’t understand

  2. Oga blogger, we understand the reason you are exploiting us with your click bait Stop this nonsense, else I will report you to Google adsense.

    1. Maybe you did not submit your credentials during your registration and going to the local gov to submit it doesn’t guarantee your approval

  3. If you don’t see anything to write, better stop to fake people why your content is different to the title….

    1. I have not been approved, mine is still writing PENDING 😭 and the training will soon start 😭😭💔 what will I do plz help a friend/sister. Good morning Sir/Ma

  4. Why are you behaving like this Mr blogger, please stop wasting people’s precious time and money. Irrelevant post.

      I am having difficulty checking status of my application

  5. The headline is deferent from the content pls we need the current information

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