Npower Batch C: How To Fix “No Payment Data” Issue On NASIMS Portal

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A lot of beneficiaries will flood the nasims portal to search for numerous questions regarding payment of stipends. Please note that the honourable minister, Ms Sadiya Farouq is not holding your stipends. What matters is, diligence and due process must be followed in making any payment so as to avoid any lapses. We introduce the payroll status some days ago to enable beneficiaries who will be paid to track and monitor their payment status online. This has already been seen on the dashboard. The payroll page is where all Npower beneficiaries payment transactions history will be recorded. As soon as you receive your first stipends, it will be recorded on that page.

The Npower batch C Programme is expected to last for 12 months, within the 12 months period, all the payments made to a beneficiary will appear under the payroll page and you can log in to stay updated with your pay records.


Nevertheless, the transfer of payment will take effect when beneficiaries banks get full confirmation from NIBBS to process and make payment, hence you will have to see three stages of payments.


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Pending, Processing, and Paid.

Some may even receive the payment and still shows processing. This should not cause worries as it will be updated in no time on the portal. Make no mistake, payment will be made for September and October, before we will normalized and start making regular payments at the end of the month for all beneficiaries

Now for those still having ‘No Payment Data on their dashboard, allay your fears as all will be sorted out but adhere to the instructions melted out below;

First and foremost if you are a Npower Batch C volunteer and you have completed your power Batch C physical verification, despite the “no payment data’ displayed on your payroll tab, you will definitely be paid, and your payment data will be uploaded by Npower NASIMS

On the contrary, if you have not completed your Npower physical verification and your payroll tab displays ‘no payment data”, you will not be paid

The ‘no payment data” simply means that your payment status has a little issue, please if you are faced with this issue simply contact Npower NASIMS at “no payment data” depicts that your account information has not been validated

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  1. Have not been paid my npower stipend for September and October the account details is wrong, pls change the account number pls

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