Npower Stream 2 News: Details about pre selection and beneficiary

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The Npower Journey is one that demands not only patience but also prayers because it follows a rigorous process that most of the time, an applicant has not won until he/she is declared a winner only by the Authorities in Charge.


The First information currently displayed on the NASIMS Portal reads:

“All applicants should note that being shortlisted, carrying out biometric capture and BVN validation doesn’t make you an N-Power stream II beneficiary.”

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Many protested when we stated that Pre-selection (ie Shortlisting) is not final selection. Now it is even clear that completing the Npower engagement processes will still not guarantee that an applicant of the Batch C Npower Programme would become a Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiary.

If being Shortlisted, Biometric Enrolment, BVN Validation, and/or maybe Physical Verification will not guarantee one being a batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiary, then what will?

That’s the question in the minds of many applicants of the Batch C Stream 2 Npower Programme, especial as Physical Verification officially ends today unless otherwise stated by the Npower Management.

There is no doubt an applicant of the Batch C Stream 2 Npower Programme can not participate in the Physical Verification exercise unless the applicant’s Physical Verification Venue has been displayed on the Applicant’s NASIMS Profile.

As a matter of fact, the factors that made many shortlisted applicants of the Batch C Stream 2 Npower Programme who participated in the Biometric Enrolment not be shortlisted for Physical verification are not disclosed and remain unknown

In the same way, the factors that would disqualify even some applicants that participated in the Physical Verification are still unknown to anyone yet.

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The only way to becoming a Batch C Stream 2 Npower Beneficiary is after undergoing all the Npower Batch C engagement processes, being selected in the “final list” and receiving the First Stipend into your designated Bank Account.

As it stands now, what is displayed on the applicants’ NASIMS Portal Status does not matter.

However, chances are that Shortlisted Batch C Stream 2 Npower Applicants who “passed” the Npower Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification are very likely to make the Npower Batch C Stream 2 final list.

An applicant who saw “Shortlisted” or “Beneficiary” on his/her NASIMS Status without a Physical verification venue will definitely not participate in the Npower Batch C Physical Verification.

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