Ode To Rats | Oloyede Joshua

Co-habitants of earth,Oloyede Joshua
Dark skinned like sons of the soil
Hairy in resemblence of Esau
'Taily' like hominids:
Beautiful rats

Friends of food,rats
Foes of friendly cats,
Consumers of waste
Lord of domestic rodents caste:
Beautiful black rats

The beautiful rats!
Sharpened eyes like Eagles,
You make the house lively,
Why are you deadly?

Beautiful rats,
Fondly in heart,
But let's part
Lest hurted by cats

Take a leave,fly like bats
Cockroaches hate thee
Mosquitoes are planning your coup,
Leave before your annihilation

Farewell from us!
Bisi has 'ratophobia',
Sheyi's 'wónsílè' is for you,
For thy grave is digged

Adieu to this belt,
This words are yours-
Government has sent detectives,
Speak to your relatives
your execution is near

Dear rats,
You're good old friends
When found in bush,Papa told tales about you -
Thy crunchy smoked game
How we wish,time rewinds

But,now,mama pot detests you
Your sight,your last breathe
Dear rats!
Please,leave,lest Lassa kick our buckets.



Oloyede Joshua an undergraduate from Ekiti State University who hails from Ogbomoso.

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