“Versatility is allowed as long as it gives glory to God” – Gospel Singer, Olajuwon Joseph in Conversation with Amaobi Uche | ACEworld

Olajuwon Joseph interview with Uche Amaobi
Versatility is allowed as long as it gives glory to God”, Gospel Singer Olajuwon Joseph has said in an interview session with Amaobi Uche of Aceworld.

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Q: Would you tell us who Olajuwon Joseph is?
A: There are many perspectives to my person. But I’d just simply say, I am Olajuwon Joseph as you’ve rightly addressed me. I’m a soul singer, the reason I chose the musical name, Soul Joe. I’m a music director of a youth church, a song writer and a teacher of English Language & Literature.
Q: That’s a lot of things to be. How are you able to handle them all?
A: Well. It’s just God’s grace. And setting my priority right. Fortunately, teaching profession gives room to also have other engagements. Though, there have been times, I had to stop music to face academic line (writing, schooling & teaching). But I thank God the passion for music came back when I was called up to be coordinator of a choir group. Then the years of song writing & scoring of songs came back and vocal exercises.
Q: Is there any aspect of your doings that you pay more attention to or focus more on?
A: No. I give all equal chance. Though my teaching job finances the musical dream. I don’t allow musical commitment to affect being resourceful as a teacher.
Q: That sounds like you’ve got it all together.
A: Yes. I don’t know how. But since I’ve not had it that easy in life, every phase comes with experiences that build me. All through my undergraduate days, I taught to sponsor myself. So, the experience keeps me going. And music on the other hand, has been a childhood thing. I started with secular music then. Growing to be more committed to God, worshipping Him with music isn’t a problem.
Q: Talking about your music, did you completely shift your focus to gospel sounds?
A: Yes! Though, it wasn’t easy. It was worth it. I had struggled with going back to sing at least the love R&B songs I used sing then. 2 years ago, I was still in the studio with a friend to record an hip-hop song. I chorus the rap song. However, doing gospel music doesn’t mean I can’t do inspirational songs. And about the love song, I can be versatile to sing wedding song. In fact, I have a song I’m planning to do for would be couples. So, versatility is allowed as long as it still gives glory to God.

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Olajuwon Joseph interview with Uche Amaobi

Q: What great plans do you have for Olajuwon Joseph?
A: Fulfilling why I’m here. A journey which I’ve set out for already. If you listen to the lyrics of  my single, GLORY HALLELUJAH, a part says: “for this reason I was created, singing honour you Lord”. My plans are numerous. One is to continue glorifying God with my psalmist anointing. Through this, He would glorify me as well. I hope to take this dream nationally (I dream of ministering at the Experience) and internationally.
Also, I am working to have my own school as an educator. I want to raise future leaders who are excellent in knowledge and Godliness.
Then, soon, I’m planning to settle with my divinely ordained future partner. He that finds a wife, finds a good thing. And to raise Godly seeds. On the writing career, the struggles continue as well.
Q: Along with the song you are planning to do for would be couples, is there anything we should look out for?
A: Well, I don’t know what to say here. I just trust that my best is yet to come. I may say expect, and it comes out bigger than i planned. To Him that’s able to do exceedingly above all we could ask for. All I just know is, anything I’m set out to do, I give in my best. And it gets better everyday.
Q: Are there any words you would like to share with us?
A: Well. I just want Nigerian music listening audience to know that, though our music contents these days have been accused to have shallow or inane contents, but God is raising fresh voices through gospel music in Nigeria. And I’m one of them. I’m really working hard behind the scene to compile my album songs I called THE PSALMIST ANOINTING PROJECT. They should expect different genres. Although finance is a major challenge. But God is sure to see me through.

Q: How can we reach you?
A: On Facebook: Olajuwon Joseph OlumideI, Instagram: Souljoecreatives, Twitter: Soul Joe (@soulJoe8, Email: [email protected], Phone contact: 07066304484. Soon, I’m also going to have a FB page: Soul Joe

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