An Excellent Pursuit: Insight into Olajuwon Joseph’s Forthcoming Book, Walking the Pathway of Excellence

Walking the Pathway of Excellence

It’s an excellent pursuit, gunning for the mountaintop life! How do you survive the process?

This is extensively explored in Olajuwon Joseph Olumide’s Walking the Pathway of Excellence.

Have you ever wondered why many become so confused at some point in their life pursuit of success and fulfilment – without a clue of how to navigate through the labyrinths life presents? These ones might have been deficient of the knowledge/insight of how to consistently tour the pathway of Excellence.


In our contemporary world — now morphing into a soulless land — where money and success are generally coveted and pursued by youngsters, and sadly relegating the honour and place of tangible work with vision; there’s an urgent need for an insightful message, showing the process of reaching a sure lifetime fulfilment. Beyond the shallow crave for success, Excellent pursuit is the answer. It’s a bigger vision. A lifetime pursuit at that.

Walking the Pathway of Excellence

In this book, the author has mapped out a step by step blueprint that it takes in walking through the process leading to that excellent posterity — via purpose and self-discovery, building capacity in knowledge and wisdom seeking to become globally relevant.

This is a book for those who want to take over for future relevance. It’s the for the youthful souls — the glory of the nation.

Keywords of what to expect from the book:

  • Purpose & self-discovery
  • The equilibrium of power & wisdom: two aspects of personal development for transformation
  • Becoming a global citizen
  • Seeking something bigger than success, excellence
  • The power of process

Walking the Pathway of Excellence by Olajuwon Joseph Olumide will be published by ACEworld Publishers. The publication date will be communicated later.

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