Opinion: Oyo State; The Next Period bell

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by Aduwo Ayodele
Eight years altogether ever in the history of democratic rule in Oyo state of Nigeria, it remains an outbreak rare whenever history and anyone finding how returns into the aligning numbering of individuals who had served the expectation of the people of Oyo state. The “Constituted Authourity Governor” in the size of how affective he had extended his commitment and service to the ever demanding people of Oyo state is booked with the history that would ever be passed to those beyond this contemporary age. The understanding is alongside putting up thumbs for an outgone Governor for any workdone which in a case exemplar to Oyo state make clear the olden Oyo state and the modern physical landslide. It is self agreed to himself, Abiola Ajimobi had done completely and incompletely. For the two consecutive term years Abiola Ajimobi had with the state, without devoiding the people all of rights and privileges.His reign made records of transformation with his administration inventing and investing policies than previous of the past administration in the chain like study of the state, his dear kindness to the state education in enforcing and sustaining a subsidized child friendly school learning condition, an outstretch of his evertime sermon on morales to the youths, his diplomatic approach to finance and improvement at every state’s institution, his provision of affordable health care delivery system unlike the health rating of the country Seychelles, Seychelles of Africa.As well as his free from fault ideas on agriculture, farm mechanisation and invented style for promoting the State’s peace.
What lasts forever is the sovereignty of the people, if they don’t give it, they won’t hide. This is the simplest summary of the 2019 held Gubernatorial election. The polls had its way through as the people’s choice. The largest count of the vote mixed race gave in to the long running contender. The facet of Seyi Makinde aspiration with fellows who contended with him is truly the state version of Games of Throne, inculcating the lesson that being in power lasts not so long forever. Only to see-saw every period, followed by another can be preserved with the goodworks and lots of love, attributed to whenever is one’s time.
Presently, there is new sentiment in Oyo state, the fact check of this is traced to the change of political affiliation that would steer till 2023 and also the May 29 2019 inauguration ceremony held at the first Nigeria Liberty Stadium Ibadan.
May 29 2019, Chief Justice Murktar Abimbola of the state became a time keeper. His wonderful doing that was unequal to the kicking elation that read on the attendants at the swore in ceremony, which has ushered to stay Seyi Makinde. After the bell rung, whatever the direction the Seyi Makinde led administration choose, if has professed in his promises, should be as constituted, just, fair, serving, delegating, innovative and progressive.
On education, the state style should adopt inward-every other composite redress to compliment past efforts on education. If there was any overwhelming digression in the last four years, it is the mind of students and their tutors. Students have been unreached with adequate and supportive development both that can check into the cognitive and affective make up of a school learner -what happened was cosmetic talks towards the ending of the last adminstration in fast tracked state institutions symposiums.Tutors had themselves to fight for ; unpaid salaries thrived and incessant strike actions was more attended than academic classes. Situation had changed in the academia. One affective contortion was how persistent strike actions quivered the Ajimobi’s terms. This also serves that the new leadership takes the need to improve the educational sector ; provision of sustainable renovation and innovation, and sustaining supervisory over the workforce of education are pathways also to enhance the pacesetter’s education system.Not even is it less for the new state government to adjust into making affordable the conditions for the school private establishments, with avoidance to the use of threats in the duty of enforcing competency. It is an unjust exhort if the new government sees it enrouting to kill native business as private establishment in the cost of functioning.
The Health sector has it roles, especially those with the duty to communise basic health issues delivery, have the government needing to further improve the health workforce. A good government should not afford to construct a disorientating “nice toilet” beside an obvious “no drug-no nurse-no doctor-no tool-no salary” medical center, for its dutifully takes a two legs to walk.
Just as recent the People’s Democratic Party has taken back the states power with the majority votes of the people away from the All Progressive Congress, very soon the period would be over too. The time would tell about the man who showed himself to be purposeful. The administration’s vision would prove for a four years how garnered is the PDP’s improving techniques this time around. The people expects more from the state government and what would not change in the next four years is the sovereignty of the people, which when they give and remeasure if inaccurate would be to another directed. This is Oyo state next period and the constitution is the time keeper.
Aduwo Ayodele writes from Ibadan.

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