Opinions: Nigerians and Insecurity

by Aduwo Ayodele Gabriel

Questions like are Shiites truly terrorists ? Is the Federal Government in sane for harbouring their alleged terrorist group’s leader ? are rudiments for questions of why there would be more vagueness than to justify peace in Abuja.
Out of the capital territory, mentioning the other 35 states, what in truth is safe about the people ? If not the most populous belief of arriving after theft and harmed or armed robbery, is to answer the question of what as the people is safe ?
In reservation, the government we say should take a lead role of responsibility and the citizens alongside.
His presidency held an exclusive meeting with Heads of security operatives after the bloody #free elzaszky, bullet strayed news reporter corp and the deputy commissioner job prospect hazard, to discuss burning issues, of which the heightened rhythm of insecurity has been salvaging the national to international reputation of the country. Hold to it that upon meetings, the July is not the first and won’t be the last. All to discuss way out of insecurity.The meeting took seatings after a situated bloodshed and a misappropriation of agitations and suppression. All of that is a recent of the every time discussion about insecurity, reaffirmed. Which till when would this be ?
Nigerians have not a day bypass news of events that either records loss of life or made damages. Becoming foremost are spate of kidnappings, vandalism, trafficking and rape. The trust of walking on roads safely as it becomes is untrustworthy. The heavy truck pulling fiercely sounding riketi-riketo wouldn’t inform that its driver is a victim of eye defect and a champion of loaded drinks, heartily burdened without consciousness. The country seems with every opportunity behind is something fatal. And to take heed is a fate disastrous.
Haven’t we complained enough at the Buhari led administration ? Has enough not been redirected and disbursed into upgrading and assisting the nation’s security intelligence ? Is insecurity not supposed to be diplomatically challenged ? in the availability of a led government that is careful to pool resources, like passion, courage and love, in other to drive home peace and this needed peace.
Insecurity is alone not about what has happened, but what would happen till when Nigerians see reasons why they need to carry an effort of complementing measures of peace and progress, the government in her duty as true a white colour can be, positive to end insecurity, then reinforcing the nation’s body of armed men to diffuse the harms of insecurity would be possible.
Aduwo Ayodele Gabriel is a Citizen Journalist. He writes from Ibadan, Nigeria.


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