Opportunity for Writers: Strida Club November Contest


It’s just another time for the STRIDA CLUB NOVEMBER CONTEST

This month theme is MAP

Contest details:

  • Top five contestants will be awarded “Certificate of Outstanding Performance
  • Next five contestants will be awarded “Certificate of Appreciation”
  • The Next Rated will be awarded ” Certificate of Participation”


  • It is very compulsory you send your work to Ajakayerashidat@gmail.com
  • Entries can be, short story, article, drama, poem, or somthing musical.
  • All entries must be original.
  • Entries can be written in English or any other language.
  • No words restriction.
  • All entries should be well edited and grammatically correct.

The projected theme, MAP– Is filled with a logical, technical and futuristic bridge before its announcement. Writers are meant to portray the various calenders of weighty ideas that can change the world positively. Poetries, Dramas, Prose, Philosophical thoughts with believable and incredible defense, News, Musical tracks , Self made graphical designs.

Similarly,this theme is to champion the scopes to formulate a better place in the essence of admirable peace and success for the dominion of man, to restrategise the wraths of the diversified world. No idea is useless. The screams of a squirrel depicts how dangerously the snake is closer to his mission, so is the map of every creature to his goal which he deserves to tell the universe. Thus, every man is worthy of being great if he can proudly disseminate his story to the jungles and domesticated paths of the universe. Ensure yourself free expression in the loudest and valuable amount of words you can employ.

What is your story? The beginning? Do you want to change it? Have you done it? Tell the heavens your MAP.

Deadline: 27th NOVEMBER 2019, 12 p.m

Results will be declared on or before 29th of NOVEMBER, 2019.

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