Platter of Gold, Poetry by Johnson Victor Oluwatobi

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Platter of Gold
Here lies the soul of our souls
That was cut short at the battlefield 
When we enjoyed our dinner
Cooked with blood of our great men
Here lies our body
Rotten by the dead termites
That dwells in our heart
Our men are fallen heroes
That rose through there work-hand
But dies on a field-battle
Never too be remember in our remembrances
Here lies our Ancestors 
That dares the coming wind
And pierched the sun belly 
That leads to our adventures.
Here lies our gods
Proclaiming our dirty cleanliness
“Mother open the teeth rings
And says fight my son
Fight like Jephthah, Or like Obama
Fight till there is no more fight.
Here lies our head
On a platter of gold, with a silver lining
Ready to be presented to the Lass
The mass.
Here lies our wise-doom
Listening to the ocean wave ,
To hide from the scorching sun
And the smiling moon.
Here lies our clinging flinging belly
Near psycho-the-rapist,
Feed with the book of Hermes 
And the soup of the smile in tears .
Here lies our fathers future
Which small palm was placed among big feet
Fight like Jephthah, Or like Obama
Fight till there is no more fight
JOHNSON VICTOR OLUWATOBI was a Nigeria poet, Born In the earliest 20th century, Born into a Baptist Minister family 
He was a ex student of Olivet Baptist high school, he loves to read fictional Novel and above All to Write

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