Poems by Adefalu Wunderkind Wordsmith

Let him live, love!
Leave him and let him live
Let him live to love you
Let him live to leaves lust

Let him live, love!
Let him live to laud
The lamp of lucidity
That lavish you both

Let him live, love!
To lay you on the lawn
While you look into the future of your lapse
And learn to loot your lacuna

Let him live, love!

Ley will be lured
If only you could let him live
Loyality will be laid;

If only you could let him live
Let him live, love!
On that fertile land
Lunch not leaves will leap before you.





When is it, the holiday?
When is it, the rest day
When is it, a break from this bloody war
When is it, a stop to this bandit rampage

They invade our village
Every three moons
They took away all we 've acquire for twelve moons
They loot our treasury and left us in penury

They rape our future
Our visions they capture
They left our barns empty
All our bloody sweat in vanity

Wails we all chorus
Children dieing of starvation
Gun drums all over the street
A death dancing parade

Flood of blood
Erode our aspirations
Our growth and development
Retrogressive it shouts all day

Our neighbours send us mockery
A baby we are to them
Right isn't it?
We are baby

Still breastfeeding.
Eledumare! Eledumare! Eledumare!
Where is that your merciful eyes
When is the break?

We are fed up of this
Fill and refill
As some sympathizers says
Some says it a natural war

Whichever it is we know
Who U are
U will never let your son

Fall into his enemies ditch
Please delivers us frm tis
Healthy-unhealthy bloody war





Adefalu Wunderkind Wordsmith

Bio: The poet ADEFALU OLUWASEUN OLAMIDE is an avid writer, lover of African culture and arts, a sickle cell activist, and also a tenacious Literatus. He is currently a Student of Kinsey College of Education Ilorin, studying English language Education in the department of English language/Social Studies.
He is twenty three years old and hails from Moro local government area of Kwara State.



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