They are all in the street,

Their souls are seal with hunger.
Their souls are famished
And all are filled with troubles,

They are drenched in the moonlight,
All facing trouble.
Sickly they lay hidden in the dark,
Eko home of the beggars.

Beggars in Lagos,
They are poor white trash,
They are scrounger,
They are the mortal soul to themselves.

Beggars in Lagos,
They work night and day.

As a business men and women.
They are really in anguish.

Beggars in Lagos,
At night,
They sleep under the bridge ,
The cold night breeze
On their emaciated body,

Beggars in Lagos
Are like a hunters,
They are like the guardians of the night,
All along the boulevard.

They cover themselves with canopy
And it serves as a shelter
And free them from the cold weather ,
The beggars are drunk by the cloudiness.

Beggars in Lagos
Are nothing but trash in the city,
They are like the electricity
That drags power
And stays in the dark,

Beggars in Lagos,
They slowly slowly moves at night.

The beggars ran so fast
And all were lost,

Beggars in Lagos
Care for their innocence,

They all are gladdens,
They can feel their presence.

Beggars in Lagos,
All cry within tears
As their soul sings a songs,
They all are worries .
© Youngpoet



We are rejected because we're nothing,
We lived in pains for thousand years
But our heart lies with great ,
Why have we been rejected?

Our dreams is to be great
But we are contravene,
We were treated like a slave,
Because we seem nothing,but trash.

Why are we been molested?
Are we aliens that we are rejected?
Our heart cries in pains
we are like a prisoners in chain,

The day shall be record in history,
They think they have done us injury,
All our pains and misery,
Shall be in victory.
© Youngpoet





Facebook Username : Mahmud Sufiyan

E-mail adress: mahmud.sufiyan20@gmail.com

Biography: Mahmud Sufiyan  known as Young Poet is from Niger Niamey Republic, but currently in Lagos Nigeria.He was born and raised in Lagos,schools in Lagos. He's a secondary school graduate. Ex student of Apapa High School. Loves writing,Reading and Sport; Taekwondo is only his best sport so far. Moreover,He dislikes and dishonest people that tell lies.


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