Poetry: A girl in my dreams by Uchendu Njionye

A girl in my dreams

(For Ukachukwu victory)

This poem begins with you as a lost ant
Searching for home
Hiding from the cruel invasion of foots
Striving hard to make a morsel out of what humanity dumped on you
You're digging up earth to shed your dried skin
then, the rains came.
Another verse of this song
Begins with you
Raising a flag for your lost tribe
This flag has droplets of red
and a girl with parted legs
trying hard to stand erect,
This flag has tiny strands of blue
surfacing amidst high current dark hue.
You're clearing and weeding a space
To mount this flag
Then, the wind came.

... And a mad man is clothing himself in your labour...
A line in this poem says a guitar is playing to bones in the wilderness
and skulls danced till they clip to their spine
But termites have eaten half the foot
This soul couldn't stand.



I see you creeping back into your cave
An abandoned crib
Same ship that crip your dreams.


The summary of this aubade:
I've watched you carve on mountains
And raised tress to house birds,

Your voice shall resonate uncaged.


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Uchendu Njionye is a poet before mic and in journals, a fashion designer and lover of Art. He currently lives in an empty room in the outskirt of Aba, Abia State.

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