Poetry: A woman’s Touch by Jessie Sarang

A woman's touch

The touch of a woman is like a dazzling starlight; alluring to behold and delicate to gaze upon on a clear night. Her stare though steady is beautiful, the madness in her eyes speaks volume even in her silence.

A woman's touch, O! How tender, of her love to feel and her companionship to revel. It is like a light trapped in a tunnel, the brightness of which comes alive through your pacing heart as you tries to steal glances at her..

The fondness of her hands upon your thighs causes a force inside to break you, shattering your every barrier, drawing you closer to her intimacy, as she takes you gently, deeply in love, and finally your voice echoes out in ecstasy. At the end it gives you serenity and brings color to your life..

The tender kisses of a woman is warm, delightful enough to arouse your desires, while drawing away your every breath, it leaves you to lay bare holding onto the end of her cloak as you come to live..


Have you ever lay on the arms of a woman; of a lover. It is like a well of corals and the feeling it gives is endless pleasure. To feel the love of a woman through her touch is bliss; the taste of her lips is sweet flavored, a one time fulfillment of a heart that seeks to live..




Jessie Sarang is a student, an aspiring writer and poet. Owner at Collective Talks, a website dedicated to nurturing love and helping hands. She is inspired by writers such as Audrey Timms and Chimamanda Adichie and hope to make a profound change in her time as a writer too.

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