Poetry: Black Dress by Omemu Moyo Esther

Black Dress

She is the whiny child in a black dress
Covered in white hue and green lights
Her table is filled with nature’s best

Milk and honey, history tells of a merry fest
Birthed in royalty and nurtured in Kingship
She is adorned with silk and pricey velvet
But alas! Her reality sings the irony
A broken record of felonies and knavery
The royal beggar fits her identity
A slave on her throne
Seeking crumbs at the feet of her servants
They say she’s hollow and starved
Reeking of illiteracy and indigence
As she in lies in wait for the benevolence
Of the ‘smart’ child in a white dress.




A writer passionate about her country, Nigeria and ready to tell the story no one talks about. A 400 level student of Mass communication, a critic and a lover of Africa themed stories.

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