Poetry: Daughter of Africa by Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

I spot a city in your smile
With a street called 'dimples'
Where beauty was given her first name
Where the sun first learnt the art of shinning
I saw a blue, somewhere in your white
That gives the sky her masterpiece
And peace, to the war raging in your mother's head
Have you not heard
That the sun has refused to rise from the east?
She said, she has found a place in your glowing face
And the stars have found a sky in your eyes
You're the beauty in the eyes of your father
That makes him the son of his father's father
You're the pride in the feet of your mother
That raised her shoulders, when her heights denied her, her right

Their is a paradise built in your waist
That makes you a goddess, that men worship
There's a nation in your womb
Where gold is been refined and buried
Flaunt your wings as you fly
For men shall seek home through your course
Dance to the beat of your brother's heartbeat
For it shall lay the world off their shoulders bit by bit

You're a mortal goddess with the heart of immortality
I heard evenings change to morning when you walk the street
Cos the sun stands at ease, and rises from where it sets
I heard the clouds sing your praises
By dropping in drops, raindrops of rainbows
It is you who knit victory into your father's palms
And made him a warlord who brings the world to her kneels

Dear daughter of Africa
This is a psalm of appraisal for your strength and bravery
How you stood to be called a woman
When men threw death at you
How you were able to stay strong
When war took away your pride
How you were able to rise against the wind, to face the storm

How you were able to rise again
After the fall of your fathers



Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale is a Nigerian poet who hailed from Boripe local government area of Osun state. He's a final year student of Mathematics from Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa state.


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