Poetry: Dying Slowly By Michael Ifeanyichukwu Akuchie

I want to burn like a cigarette
and distribute pieces of my body
to the earth like weightless

I want to burn slowly,
how often do you hear of poets
fading away quickly?
I forget that you have
watched too many of my kind
struggle to hold happiness
in their arms like
a baby.
This poem shall burn slowly
hoping to be reincarnated as
a golden soul built to
find a smile that will glue itself to
my face
But then I remember,
I was not created to
be happy.
I was not made to seek joy.
Maybe that's why this fire doesn't
because I am already a world of pain.
Michael Ifeanyichukwu Akuchie is a Nigerian poet that hails from a town in Eastern Nigeria. He is currently studying English and Literature at the University of Benin, Benin City.  He loves cats and things that strike him as out of the ordinary.

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