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Every word i say by Micheal Ace13901563_10201794474580890_6461250228209266468_n
Every beggar’s palm is a book
that tells the story of alms
Their eyes is another poem
of pleas and appeals
of the symbol, I plead
Every lonely day is a night
of broken bottles
and opened bibles
That sends message of jeopardy
in the envelope of eternity
Every day is a leap and a step
towards a home of death
Every minute and hour tells
that we are one inch closer to tomb
that we are just as good as gone
Every purse without money
is like a tree of no fruit:
Not barren, not sterile
For money is like a woman
who only goes after wealth
Every word i say is a snail
that has been sleeping for years
but shall one day wake
when you beckon
not for it’s slowness but perseverance.

Poetry extract 1

Every beggar’s palm in stretch
Tells years weary with wretch
Of a name and fame of dripping destiny
Drip drop streaming silent of loud questioning
Battling our insides with cries of whys
And answers rigid; dumb in heart and eyes


Every poetic eye of their pleas
Dirge deep in smiling pains of unease
Televise view vivid in provoking punch poke
Of our groaning ingratitude in tongue placard of ‘broke’
Oh! What a whip of their world on you and me
What a lesson to learn from Michael’s poetry

And as a purse discarded of its money
Their ilk is; a simile that is not funny
A life without the living
A name without the meaning
A being, essence empty within
A destiny rotten of achieving
And on, and on, and on, and on
In the book of their times read with mourn
Their dirge tale snail trail a sorry forward
Unto a ‘loudless’ exit of their sore world

Every beggar is a lofty lesson
Of great gratitude to every person
Thick or not in money blessing;
Read their poem and thank God in heaven.

Tanimonure Richard Adewale

Poetry extract 2

Never whip me with your words
Ye blind of mind to see
Never dare dunghill my being please
With your tongue’s waste of rubbish
I speak; I scream!!!

Yes!!! I am Mrs. Wealth
And I peacock posh and bold
Gleaming my rainbow life of gold
An angry hunger in poverty’s eyes
A no excuse march upon its pregnant face
I cock;
I strut;
With no mock
I sweetly rock.

I wed wealth good in woo
Of a care core of pampering full
Sweet investment sex, swell in strength
Making me birth him brim in express
He flaunts me and worships me
Respects me and protects me
His life is mine thorough and totally
So, why won’t I go after wealth
When you, dear beggar, is opposite of his self?

Forgive the lash of my poem
It is divine destiny loudly in tell
Of our lives, an unfortunate table of yourself
On the world’s blackboard. It is sad; yes!
But I will take care of you, nevertheless

Tanimonure Richard Adewale



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  1. Never whip me with your words
    Ye blind of mind to see
    Never dare dunghill my being please
    With your tongue’s waste of rubbish
    I speak; I scream!!!
    Nice lines

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