Poetry: For the map in my skin by Adeyeye James oluwatobi & Tope Ashaolu

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Your voice tunes in my head
Like a sacred trumpet & reminds me of memories –
home built on the cavern of your smile
There are several colours that calls for worship
Several routes that beckon on our names
But you are the earth I sprout from
I could remember the way we forecast the next moment from the colour of your face
The way you make us grow into light that walks darkness away
The way we  view the next moment
From the cranium of your smile.
You’re a  map of blossoming flowers
That is why we don’t leave to testify to the sun Falling from the sky of your body
 you set a table before me  in the twinkle of your heart
And guide my nose to the despondent atmosphere of unwavering dreams
You dug wells in my body
That drown death & rewrite me  into the chapter of survival where revolution courses
That is why I call  your words fireflies in the dark
I told people  you course in my heart
That you’re an eagle of light
That you fly high in my thought like a kite
I told them you’re an incense of prayer
That the thought of you outweighs my fear
 you’ve become the sun rising in my mind
A Reason for me not to get lost
Like the  ghost of a young lad thrown into a soulless river
I know the colours in my face won’t be soiled with sorrow, bitterness, depression…
I know I will not ‘ fade like an infertile soil
For You’ve possessed me with luminous sunshine
You’ve watered me with dreams
& painted me into the stars
So even when silence consumes me
I won’t die but live –
For dreams don’t die that has become immortal to ill-luck

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