Poetry: How To Count Stars by Muhammadnasir Aloba

How To Count Stars

We all want to fathom the language of survival
Without a stumble upon a modicum of exigency
But, can we get the picture of how it looks like
If we don't have scars painted all over our body

To count stars is to
-run a race of a thousand miles in half a second.
-hold your breath until you see the leg of death
walking through you
-sit down your shadow & speak of parting words
-fathom the language of monkey wrench
-hover aloft mountain without wings
-wrangle with the sun-live & win
-kiss the dust & tread it anew

Bearing up with all, one would bleat out the rigor
That flared up in the interim of the rocky pains
Then, you would see scars painted all over you
The one that depicts a man fowling for survival


Putting the clog beneath your feet is a colossal boom
For a slothful man dare not walk through the inferno
You had treaded the shuddersome but a fecund path
With the effrontery built in a rose coloured glasses

Now the language of survival is in the limelight
Like a wind that knew its foreordained direction
Lo! Walking your mind or eyes through this piece
You'd wade through aught but how to count stars



I'm Muhammadnasir Aloba with the pen-name_eminent, from kwara state, Ilorin. And a student of university of Ilorin, studying statistics. I started writing in 2016.

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