Poetry: How To Seduce Success by Muh’d nersyr alhoba

she's like a breeze that whispers rapture to ones existence,
and deck ...ones bed with roses--she's success.

sometimes I sit and muse over how to seduce success
and make her mine, to live through the whole life of me,
and lives on whenever I find the lips of the dust so bewitching to kiss;
then kissed.

& mamma arose and asked;
have you perceive the fragrance of a woman called Success,
do you want to make her your own?.
i felt like a man journeyed to the seventh heaven.

momma said:
sit and listen!

To seduce success is to;
- wet your nights with breezy dreams
- discern the sense at the heels of the bed full of roses
- see through the light of a lucky strike
- polish your hands for the tactics of holding aces
- add finishing touches of stalwart to your bag of bones
- hit the dust and pipe out recurrently
- wade through your lapses and fill the cuts
- burn the wordings of gravy train and wash down the ashes with a glass of water.


this is how I seduced success and she subscribed into marriage, then I became successful.

won't you seduce her too?



MuhammadnasirAloba with the pen-name eminent, from kwara state, Ilorin is a student of University of Ilorin, studying statistics. He started writing in 2016, he does believe that writing comes with the language of healing.

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