Poetry: Lost by Mubarak Adekunle Odeyemi




With open hands, you came to me

Provided the warmth I always crave

the shelter I forever want

And a shoulder to lean on

You filled my heart with your love

You made it sink deep down your oceans

And flooded it inside out.


Like a messiah, you smothered my pains

Restored my shattered heart

And mended my broken strings

You made me feel a whole

And awakened the dead cells in me.

You created a path of happiness and joy

One filled with affections.


But here I am, Lost again

In these valley of pain

For every happiness you gave, you caused more pains

For every tears you wiped, you brought more fears

For every painful memories you erased, you created more horrible ones

A sad story I tried to evade

But in it I continue to dwell,

Tears reverberating

For my mind is filled with unsaid words





Odeyemi Mubarak is a 300level student of university of Ilorin studying Civil engineering. He hails from Ibadan, Oyo state. He is a resident of Abeokuta, Ogun State.
He's a love poet who explores the world of cathartic writing.

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