Poetry: Loved us First by Fame Odey

My father is a monster
He has the venom of a Python
He is fierce, his thoughts are mean
He is bestowed with powers and might

My mother is a beautiful dragon
She lives in luxuries
Her shit is quite expensive
She looks down on other creatures
Her thoughts are always cruel

I am a baby vampire
I live the world like a toy
Toys I broke anytime I felt like
My friends can be my foes
And my foes, my friend
For I have power over them

Father, who was not a monster
Is a monster
Mother who was meek is mean
And I, who was me is more than me
You, you and you caused these

You lifted us so high and placed us atop the heavens
You stood there watching
As we urinated on your bald heads
All you can do is 'murmur'
For you have already placed us above a stone-reach level

You had ladders
We destroyed them while you were fast asleep
You had catapults
We threw them in flames while you were drunk in love
You had parachutes
We got them leaked while you went for the river
You had ideas
We got them polluted by tissue papers we have

You are hapless and hopeless
You sit in the dark and watch broken verse forms a sad poem on your tongue
You regretted; you wouldn't have loved us at first
You sit in 'the margin' and watched broken lines forms a sad song in your head
Would regretted; you wouldn't have loved us first.



For a better country,
Do not place people in power and just retire back to your house to
fold your hands and watch only.


There must be a regular check up and commissioning so as to avoid your
country from falling and cascading.

Your country is your farmland, you must keep
caution of weed.

Fame Odey, 2017.

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