Poetry: Mama, Worry No More by Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu

Mama, Worry No More 


To the days hunger became our tailor

Dressing us in the best attire

Dreaming and dinning with us

Up to the days when my

tears gathered like a crowd Into

a pool of water and quenched

The fire you cooked with

And the smoke from the fire

Gag you into a cage like a prisoner

Down to the days

You heart was filled with hopes

Dashed by the money you couldn't spend

How can you have and still beg ?

Those were the words I slept with


Your curves have become

flabby tires of flesh

And the milk spilled from your breast

No longer nourished my thirst

The offspring of our meal

These pains will grow up into a boy

And I will fry him to ashes in a drench

And wear you the diadem you deserve

A woman adorn with beauty

Without attitude in sight

Is like a car without steering

Dancing into abyss

A day will come when I will

Turn back the hand of time

And give you all the fancy

Things in life.

But before then,

I vow to hold and break

These promises I made

When fortunes comes calling

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And I will return like a prodigal son.

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