Poetry: Marindoti by Ijalusi T. Samuel


We have travelled an adjourned journey
Of serenity into a piteous polluted piety
In obsolescence of light, time and sense
Through the charade of fear coupling enmity.

Olowo se ore olowo
Olosi se ore olosi
Ki talika ba ba oloro rin
Ki oloro ba ba talika rin
Ki won kiyesi sara, ki won ma rin doti o, idoti o da.


Power and name has dragged us into fame corridor
Sitting in chariot of confusion as of
Three junction tales
Feeding time past, present and trapped tomorrow
Ringing consequences of failed decisions
Adherent to claims of circumstance
To be suffered by congregants, citizens
Labouring word and spirit of works and zeal
For an epitome city of zero corruption.

Predecessors has worked to and fro
Mounting bricks of legacy
Generations shall walk to and fro
Feeding manna of legacy.

Not for this day but when we

Feed from bowls
Drink from goblet
Let put ourselves to remembrance
Bowls not to bows
Goblet not to scarlet.

Tread the pathway of life
Liberated from guilt, stains
Fulfill the sojourns through pains
Applauded with testaments of life.


MARINDOTI is a Yoruba word meaning walk not in dirts, stain or corruption. 
The second stanza was written in Yoruba Language and the translation into English is

The rich friends the rich
The poor friends the poor
If the wealthy walks with the wealthless,
If the wealthless walks with the wealthy
Let them be careful, not to walk stained, dirts are bad.




Tola Ijalusi writes from Ibadan, Nigeria. His poems were featured in the 31 Days of Poetry 2015, 2016 and 2017 on EGC Creativity. He has been published recently in Kalahari Review, Tuck Magazine, Nantygreens, Hub201, BlackBoy Magazine and elsewhere. He enjoys country and reggae music. He is the Managing Editor of PAROUSIA Magazine, An Online Christian Arts and Literary Magazine.

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