Poetry: Mistakes: The Greatest Minor Sin by Farouk Sanusi

 Mistakes: The Greatest Minor Sin

Sometimes my heart weeps
for the mistakes he did
Divine forgiveness of my soul
is Ali I need

A new dawn has risen
to heal my pains
I wish my sins got taken
for when it rains

Ignorance is the greatest
enemy of all
I wish to be guided
before it comes for more

Mistake is our nature
so we must learn from it
to preserve our future
and get the best from it.




Farouk Sanusi popularly known as Freakywrites is an upcoming writer who write s on poems and fictional stories. He has two stories "Taken " and "Bullied" which has so far been only online as an e-book. He is a student of unilorin studying History and international studies. He is hoping to make it in the world of writing.


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