Poetry: Once Upon A Politician by Naphtali Festus Adda

In the name of change, the descendants of an ancestor
needed a people to foster their needs not with broken manifestoes but fulfilled promises


 they needed a people who will awaken the laughter of its indigenes
and not another who lays on deaf beds to watch the weary tears of the poor walking down the road of cheeks with whooping lullabies on their plasma HDscreens.

they needed a people who will not be seduced by the smiles of neither corruption nor greed
but will helplessly fall for the melodies elongated by their cries

Under the irritating gaze of the sun
all queued in a never ending line to vote a people who proffer change not chains;
but the colourful scales of the chameleon skin blinded their vision with glistening papers  from seeing the manipulations of their foul skin;
same chain nobody wanted to call his own, now dwell in as a home.

in the name of a preyful altar there were sermons of abundant deceit preying on innocent souls of men.

Once upon a politician, there was a people with skills for lying
every word spoken by the lips spell bewildering lies in Capital letters.

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Written by Naphtali Festus Adda

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