Poetry: Political Blindness by Awaji Isaac

Political Blindness

The bourgeoisie came
To Nigeria with three cane

The bourgeoisie
With evil zeal
Deceived Nigeria
Educate- uneducate Nigeria.
Indirect rule, a gun
Shot at Nigeria gone dumb.

The bourgeoisie
With little deal
Steal our oil
Expressing terms “oi”
To get attention
Holding us with tension
With wilful coercion.

The bourgeoisie
With much weal
Refine our meal
With much interest
Sell without retreat
Enriching their economy
Nigeria, low economy.

“Arise oh Compatriot!
Nigeria calls obey.”
Be alert like watchdog
Not be eaten like dough.
Arise our politicians!
Citizens’ cry, not shine.



Awaji Isaac hails from Asarama in Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. He is a young actor and poet whose work is based on uniting Africa. He is an undergraduate student  of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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  1. Your contributions to humanity,is second to none. Continue your good works.

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