Poetry: Songs Of The Rain by Nket Godwin

Songs Of The Rain

Here's the singing of the rain,
Slowly unleashing the renascence of new rein.
Its precipitation turns all tide to drain;
Things turned stagnant, grasses yearn for mulch -
Sterility is what the soil drenched...
It's imminent pour, we must dance the rain's song,
Though 'hardship' 'hardship', its rhythm hung!
Yesterday our petals were emerald, fecund and gay,
Still it oozes with thrilling tone today.
It patters mysteriously on only thatched roofs,
On zinc, its mysterious ferocity stands aloof.
For rain is earth's imminent, and nature owns rain,
Tomorrow these precipice shall petered out the drain.



Nket Godwin hails from Andoni Local government area, Rivers State. He attended Government Secondary School, Ngo. His passion for writing started while in his secondary school days. He writes both secondary and nursery verse. He is the third runner-up of Nibstears Poetry Contest, 2017. He has his works (mostly poetry) published online. Online blog and magazines like: Nibstears Poetry Cave, Thoughts And Nature Anthology, Katetale Foundation etc etc.

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