Poetry: Suicide Note by Fame Odey

it was too cold right here to handle
my heart froze even when i lit up a candle
i only watched it burn within and shed tears outwith
a tear dropped on my heart today
and i knew i too, needed to burn
it was too hot here to handle
living inside hell was like hovering in galaxy 
my skin wears out each time i breathe 
i nurse a scar left on the face of a devastated future
now, i feel i needed to wear a new skin
my heart is a bin of rhetorics
what if have been a little piece of toy 
or a seed of chess on a hot seat
what if i am a specimen used for an experiment 
haven’t i by this adventure, yield a null result?
i came from the future full of dust and ashes
collected from a burnt past
i have chosen to end the struggle here
to save my sole from trespassers
let me rest with my scar buried deep in darkness
when i see God (if truly he exists) 
i will pluck a tear from his eyes
and a nail from his finger
then, reincarnate a zillion time
to fight this battle, for me


Odey Levi, known as Fame Odey is a young Nigerian writer, from Cross River State. His literary works have appeared on a long list of magazines, journals and anthologies such as; Aceworld Online Magazine, Black Pride Magazine, Nibstears Poetry Cave, Healing Hands Anthology, Pun Poetry Anthology, just to mention but few. 

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