Poetry: The Fault In Our Stars By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

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There is a way to hold creation in your tongue
The way a boy folds his dreams
In his mother’s eyes
In my head are a million cities
With skies that holds broken stars
I have learnt that the stars are virgins with
stolen pride
And no longer have a place in the heart of the


I met two men in my sister’s voice
Blood and history-living in a dark room
Somewhere in the way she moans and dies
In between her legs are a long queue of women-
mother, your mother and their mother
Waiting to be named after god’s heart
Where men only hears the silence in their
sister’s cries
And call it beauty of dead places

A girl wraps the moon in her chest
And sank into elegies and dirges
She said there is a way memories burn
When they are kept too close to the sun
Nature is a woman, cursed by her own shadows
It’s the reason she cuddle herself in the flames
of burnt men
Whose ashes became dusty roads in her eyes

I was told the earth once walked out of her
Sometimes in the days where beauty was sold
for a token
When the water in a woman’s eyes is thicker
Than the blood that flows from between her legs
When a boy spits in his father’s face
And call it freedom of expression
For the world is nothing but fading memories,
praying to stay alive

The fault in our stars

Is in the way they watch in silence
How a boy dies in his mother’s arms
How he became a wall, full of scars
Trying to hold pictures with wounded memories
It’s in the way, they watch a girl child
Broken into diverse tongues and languages
How they watch in silence, when she’s burnt and
buried in her eyes


Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale is a Nigerian poet who hails from Boripe local government area of osun state. He’s a science oriented student who fell in love with the beauty of art. He resides and write from Jos, Plateau state.

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