Poetry: Two Poems By Emminex Paradox

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we burn down buildings
like we find remembrance in embers
we forget our bodies are burning cities
seething with a raging inferno
born by lustful desires

how did the first man know
he can harvest pleasures
amongst the clouds
sprawled on a woman’s skin?


lustful desires are rivers
of water, strutting gleefully
on our bodies like butter
glistening on a fresh crusty bread

my mama taught me many things
about women –
she taught me how to write
smiles on their faces

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but she never told me on a woman’s body there are many, many mansions
she never taught me how to douse
the flames of desires in a woman’s eyes

my body learnt the language by itself
my tongue got burnt and frozen –
for it is like a song of fire and ice
sang by the throat to the ears of the teeth

adunni, I see the desires burning in your eyes, it sets me afire too;
let me make history on your skin,
with my lips, from your neck down to
the valley between your thighs

let my magical fingers send ripples
of ecstasy through your nipples
as my teeth and tongue nibble
you to the zenith of cloud nine

adunni, let me put my thrust in you:
what style does it for you?
for I am but a missionary – ready to spread your legs like the gospel




Sometimes I feel like breaking myself
into syllables of silent nights,
as the pond behind my eyes find limbs
to traverse the vast desert I call face.

Most days are like the weekend,
when my fears, through my weak ends
comes crawling like geckos on the
coarse walls of my mangled mind.

Most nights, I see grim visions and they
make me feel like I’m right on the wrong track, like two teen lovers tethered to a mirage of love, criss-crossed by lucid lust.

I am but lost in a labyrinth of silent quizzes;
how do I solve the puzzle lingering on Abike’s hazel eyes?
how do I steer the wheel of life to my will?
My house is littered with a bunch of hows.

Even as I stare at life’s blank pages,
I’m now at that point where I fold myself
into a verb, along the route your face takes
when it creeps into a smile.

©Emminex Paradox


Emminex Paradox is an award-winning poet and biochemist, who writes from Kogi state. He is the winner of the 2017 Nibstears Poetry Contest (NPC) and has his works featured in several editions of the Youthshades monthly magazine and several other anthologies. When he is not seeing animations, he is reading a sci-fi thriller novel.


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