Poetry: Wide Open by Peace Akinwale

Wide Open

for Adegbite Victor

My friend is a river
weaving a dance
You spread your hands in the air
and you cut the phrases of the wind;
As if to say you deserve a place,
As if to say you occupy a nirvana.

You tell me about fears and
I tell you they are cologne on your dress,
Fears are the geography on your palms;
Somehow, the world knows how to limn
a map you embrace, it becomes you
- as water and life.

I talk about dreams, as if talking about bread
You later wrote big dreams, today, big dreams
lie on the beds of a cloud.
— they only wander around. I added,
and you said so are you;
We've always learnt to walk alone.


There is a way we do the recountal of life
- we don't look at the threshold,
We see ourselves as the sand and find ourselves on the beach
We see ourselves as water and find a basket holding us
We see ourselves in forbidden places
and we talk of clutching on every flood, every wind,

eyes wide open.


Akinwale Peace Akindayo also known as Philip Peace resides in the Northern Central part of Nigeria. His writing seeks to portray love, loss, peoples, and other themes that intrigue him. His poetry is still seeking home in journals & magazines while some has been published in online literature blogs. He was rated top 50 Nigerian poets, EGC 2018 ranking, under the name Philip Peace, alongside other nominations on BNMagazine. He appears on Facebook via Peace Akinwale while he tweets via @Peace_Akinwale.

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