Poetry: You Are Not A Man by Philip C. Abonyi


You are not a man
If you cannot quench your anger with quietness
When woman vomits words that cut hearts
And denies you honour of family head
That you, you see in mirror turn to a child
Just because your sweats haven’t yielded wealth.

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You are not a man
If your propeller propels you to crime
When you sight fresh flesh on walk of cat
Or a child who sampled her pride unknown
That you run inside her by force
Enjoying her cries and lamentations.

You are not a man
If your official office is in bar
where you drink the future of your children
Broadcast the news of prosperous peoples
And label heaven partial for poor you prefer.

You are not a man
If your hustles harbour no food to harvests
You waited for heaven that your patience dries
And frustration seduce you to give death a trial
by hanging yourself.

You are not a man
You are not a man
If you cannot stand the storms of misery
The laughter sorrow deprives
And burn yourself till your dream shines bright.


Biography: Philip C. Abonyi is a poet/novelist who hails from Akaprata Ada Obollo-Etiti in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu state, Nigeria.

E-mail adress: [email protected]

Facebook Username: Philip C. Abonyi

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