Published: In the lap of the gods by Gbenga Ogunsola

In the lap of the gods by Gbenga Ogunsola, is a succinct commentary on contemporary African social issues. It captures the very essence of the existence of our African Kingship institution. It explores the various intrigues, schemes and power-play that usually characterise the political landscape. 
Written in simple straight-forward English Language, the play revolves round the themes of betrayals, succession rites, love and reckless quest for political power. The issues discussed in the play are very tropical. Set in a traditional African Community, King Adejoogun’s close aides betray him, and his kingdom is overrun by a neighbouring community.

The book was first published in 2016 by Quantum G. Then in 2018 by Madeb Prints. And now by ACEworld Publishers.

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Ogunsola Gbenga Adeboye is a poet, playwright and novelist. He lectures Chemistry and Physics at Owu College of Management and Technology, Wasinmi, Ogun State. He is the Financial Secretary, Association of Nigerian Authors’ (ANA), Ogun State chapter. He is the Founder of ‘Writing the Unseen’, an association that helps talented writers to get their works published, and the Co-Initiator of ‘RGM Publications’, a publishing firm.