Published: Lost Boys by Bamigbola Silas

Lost boys is a compilation of twenty-one poems on boyhood (not exempting the females); aimed at sharing the writer's struggle as well as lighting others path. It is the writer's first offering to the world.

Lost Boys by Bamigbola Silas
Lost Boys by Bamigbola Silas


Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau said:

This first offering is a basket full of love and survival. Each poem opened me up and gave me back the image of how I dipped myself into water. This is what poetry should do: show you how you emerged. The poet has not even started, yet, the book lies promising.

Laolu Poe Alani said:

It is not a return to the pages of dictionary that Bamigbola Silas provokes with this carefully worded work. Instead, he guilds us to the recesses of the hearts of men where the questions, struggles and yearnings of boyhood still have roots.

Wale Ayinla said:

Lost Boys is a distinct representation of belongingness and concern for intimacy. It is a mild voice of affection- poetry at best.


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    Congratulations to you
    Bamigbola Silas on your first
    endearing chapbook, which sets
    the peepers of the readers
    openly to facts and a way out to
    their lost and mixing up road!
    Downloading this chapbook
    staunchly worth its price!
    I transubstantiated this tract and
    i was set astir alot in the sense
    that the author superscribes and
    give a hint of a loophole to the
    lomocation of bards or people
    lomocating to the realm of
    probing ignite at the end of
    tennel for their fallen between
    cracks personages.

    Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal.
    He made me found myself being
    a personage on a wheelchair of
    up the creek which afterward
    getting a load of and gone
    through his tremendous
    fanbulations in his first ushing
    way to people’s mixing up to
    people wheel road of life, which
    being on the path of mixing road
    does not breaks one into lost of
    life completely.

  2. Congrats dear…I’m not a fan of poetry but the reviews have really been captivating… I hope to ‘find it’ as I flip through the pages….Congrats once again!

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