Racism: George Floyd was only a trigger, watch scenes of blacks battered by white police

Recently a lot as happened as regard racism in the United States against the blacks, and of course the protests, outrage and violence that followed.

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George Floyd died while being apprehended by a white police even as he begged for breath, for life. Watch video breakdown leading up to his deadly arrest;

But it has always been like this. It has always been the white police beating, brutalizing and harassing the blacks in the United States. According to The Guardian;

There is a tendency to classify all victims of racial discrimination under the label “people of colour” or “black, Asian and minority ethnic” people (shortened to BAME). However, this generalist approach fails to account for the varied ways that racism affects different races.

There is anti-black racism, anti-Asian racism (which affects east Asians and south Asians differently), anti-Arab racism, even sometimes anti-white racism. To be clear, all these strands of racism are significant, and we need to work to eradicate them all. Yet, historically, it’s black people who have most often found themselves at the bottom of the pile.

And yes, black people have always found themselves at the bottom of the pile. He is visual proof of that;

According to Ahmed Olayinka Sule, a writer and social critic, ultimately, it is crucial to call out the most toxic brand of racism. We need to sear anti-blackness into our collective consciousness, so as to put an end to the mistakes of the past and the present, which have brought so much misery to so many people.

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  1. No one is lauding the tragic killing of George Floyd but when it comes to emotionally charged rhetoric, the Left leaning media are the experts. Years of divisive reporting has got us to this point. It serves a political narrative. Thankfully, statistics do not bear out systemic racism in the U.S. with cops killing twice as many whites than that of any other race. Blacks may only account for 13% of the U.S. population, but they commit 40% of the crimes. Feel free to check the FBI’s own stats for yourself.

    I’m old enough to remember The Guardian newspaper’s TV advert from the 1980’s called Points of View. I suppose few if anyone at the Guardian have ever seen it. It left an impression on me. Oh how you have fallen my friend, reduced now to being one dimensional newspaper that churns out race baiting headlines.
    You do the world no favours.

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