Ramadan Poem | Day 12: And Ye Shall Come To Know by Zulikha Idris Babalola


And Ye Shall Come To Know

The body
And the body shall come to know
That the pangs of hunger we feel
Is not because we can’t afford the bills for our meals
But to make us see what it means for beings who don’t eat
Even though they wished for it in the deepest part of their hearts

The heart

And the heart shall come to know
That the Crescent spreads all over this glorious earth
Not only to illuminate the nights
But to entrap the darkness that lives within our minds

The mind

And the mind shall come to know
That the rays of the sun will shine
Not only to brighten the lines of the sky
But to heighten the thirst- that which runs from the tongue straight down to the souls

The soul

And the soul shall come to know
That our Lord, out of the Grace from His Throne
Has bestowed on us the blessings of a full blown month
A month that is, of its own a mercy to the world…. Known and unknown.

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by Zulikha Idris Babalola