Ramadan Poem | Day 16: Last Day by Onafowokan Taofeek Busayo

Last Day

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Fire falls
Thronging amongst the leaves
Leaving us fear
The day the heavens
Will be shattered
And claim everything on Earth
Fire walks
Wrinkling on the pace of our feet
Putting us into a cage of fear
And the day would come
Like a strange world
Fire splits
On the walls of our deeds
Burning the leaves out of the trees
The last day
The skin would shrink
Out of its bowel
The ones who lived and known rich
Will be asked if he had enjoyed
In this life once
After he has seen the torment of His Lord
He would say;Nay
And the ones who had lived poor
With good deeds in this duniya
Will be asked
If he had suffered once
In this duniya
And he would say;Nay


by Onafowokan Taofeek Busayo

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