Ramadan Poem | Day 17: Let’s Tell Ourselves a Story by Zulikha Idris Babalola

Let's Tell Ourselves a Story

Once upon a virtue
There lived a value.
He acts in probity
Interact with verity
And transact with integrity.
He fulfills all promises
Relieves all commitments
And discharge duties meticulously.
Gives others their dues and rights without them asking
Objective and just in case evaluation and judgment
And avoids falsehood, deception and favoritism.
He hikes not prices for excess profits
He underpriced not for unhealthy rivalry
And he reduces not measurements.
He doesn't exaggerate claims and he doesn't suppress unfavorable
When next you're asked about honesty, just remember how we
told ourselves his story.
 by Zulikha Idris Babalola

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