Ramadan Poem | Day 2: On Arrival by Onafowokan Taofeek Busayo

Last time, it was a farewell message
Followed in a suit of cleansed hearts
Flapping wings around the moon
It has gone; now it is back
Everyone has its way of sighting the crescent moon
And  what made this is
about the sacred month
Where the cynosure of a billion eyes
Congested to the sky
To sight the merciful month.
If sin should come in a battalion
They are the enemies we want to smudge away in this lunar month
For we don't want our sins to be seen in hollowed scene
Where our shoulder would fail to aid the arms.
Oh Allah, we are on your walls of infinite mercies
Let us see the blessings of this month
And colour our souls with piety.

©Onafowokan Taofeek Busayo

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