Ramadan Poem | Day 25: The Best Day of One’s Life by Zulikha Idris Babalola

Yesterday is gone… Forget it
True, the need is felt to hold on to it
A perfect day in thoughts and in speeches
A couple of benignant tour de force
Thrown around here and there
Favors to thyself and thy friends in lieu of a life that is
viewed as the best
Yesterday is gone
The gift of life to live today is a proof
proof that it couldn’t have been the best day of one’s life.
Tomorrow never exist…. don’t worry
To proclaim the faith
is to attest that nothing of the next minute is yours
The certitude to make the most
of the next isn’t guaranteed
Then, tomorrow can’t possibly be the best day_
of one’s life.
Today is here…. Let’s carry on
This minute.
Right now.
The only echt gift to live on and die for
More could be done today
More will be done today
More had been done today
Copacetic deeds
Fulfilled obligations
Tomorrow, if assured, will be better
But today, really, is the best day of one’s life

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by Zulikha Idris Babalola