Ramadan Poem | Day 27: Worry Away by Zulikha Idris Babalola

As Clay, our worry was…. Who knows?
Then sculpted and our worry was to breathe
Then we breathed and we worry to swim
The uterine pool got boring and then we yearn to be born
A tún bí wa tán and the worry was to feed
Well fed and the worry became crawling
We crawled and then we wanted more
We walked and then we worry to talk
We talked and played but we still wanted to grow
We grew and the problem became work
We got the job and the worry was money
We got wealth and the worry became women
They flocked our domain and then we worry about our health
We tried to stay healthy and then worry about getting old
We somehow got the wrinkles and then we don’t want to die
We died by the way and then started worrying about the next
The same life we left behind when we were just clay
When the only worry was….. Who knows?

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by Zulikha Idris Babalola
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